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Committing a War Crime
“in that they at TAI PO, New Territories, Hong Kong, between the 28th Dec 1944 and 8th Jan 1945, when members of the Kempeitai Staff of Tai Po Gendarmerie, were, in violation of the laws and usages of war, together concerned as parties to the maltreatment of civilian residents of the New Territories in custody at the said Gendarmerie, causing the death of CHENG PO, LAM TIN KAU, and LAM SHUI KI and physical suffering to others and in particular to CHENG KWAI, LAM PAK LING, LAM KIU CHEUNG, LAM KIU WAI, LAM CHUNG SIK, LAM WAH, LAM YING YUEN, CHUN WAN WAI, CHUENG FUK KIN and CHUNG CHIK HUNG all civilians residents as aforesaid.”

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“WO235/887,” Hong Kong's War Crimes Trials Collection, accessed June 5, 2020, https://hkwctc.lib.hku.hk/items/show/44.


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