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Committing a War Crime
“in that he on the High Seas, on the 1st and 2nd October 1942, when Master of the Military Transport S.S. “LISBON MARU” and as such responsible for the lives and safety of about 1800 British Prisoners of War on board the said transport when it had been torpedoed and was in a sinking condition, in violation of the laws and usages of war, was concerned (a) in the battening down of the P.O.W. aforesaid in the ships hold whereby many died of suffocation and many underwent mental and physical sufferings and many others were trapped and drowned when the ship sank and (b) in his failure to provide for the use of the P.O.W. available boats and life jackets as a result many of them were drowned after the ship had sunk and many more underwent mental and physical sufferings.”

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“WO235/1114,” Hong Kong's War Crimes Trials Collection, accessed June 5, 2020, https://hkwctc.lib.hku.hk/items/show/84.


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